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Approach to Psychotherapy

Approach to Psychotherapy

Selected Mental Health Resources 

Resources List

If you are searching for online resources related to various psychological health topics, the following list of links may provide you with additional information. This list is not intended to be exhaustive or an endorsement of the content offered by each site. Therefore, please use your discretion when accessing the sites listed below.

Recent Contributions to Psychological Science

As a registered psychologist, utilizing a clinical-scientist approach is essential to providing the highest quality care. This approach involves using research evidence to inform clinical decision-making and engaging in ongoing research to contribute to the field. Incorporating this approach into my practice ensures that my work is informed by the latest research findings and adheres to best practices, translating into improved outcomes. Listed below are my most recent scientific research publications in the field of psychology.​​

Brown, T. L., Oliffe, J. L., Kealy, D., Rice, S. M., Seidler, Z. E., & Ogrodniczuk, J. S. (2023). The
influence of meaning in life on psychological distress among men: A serial multiple mediation
model involving resilience and loneliness
. Current Research in Behavioral Sciences, 4, 100114.


Brown, T. L. & Smith, N. G. (2023). Experimentally testing the impact of status threat on heterosexual men’s use of anti-gay slurs: A precarious manhood and coalitional value perspective. Current Psychology, 42(12), 11891-11901.

Robb, A., Brown, T. L., Durand, A., & Loiselle, C. G. (2022). Cancer survivors’ evolving perceptions of a new supportive virtual program. Current Oncology, 29(11), 8431-8441.

Santerre-Theil, A., Brown, T. L., Körner, A., & Loiselle, C. G. (2022). Exploring healthcare professionals’ experiences with informal family cancer caregiving. Supportive Care in Cancer, 30(9), 7745-7754.

Chênevert, D., Brown, T. L., Pomey, M. P., Benomar, N., Colombat, P., Fouquereau, E., & Loiselle, C. G. (2022). Investigating a participatory intervention in multidisciplinary cancer care teams using an integrative organizational model: A study protocol. Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 798863.

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“The greatest and most important problems of life are all fundamentally insoluble. They can never be solved but only outgrown.”

- Carl Jung

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